BallroomDJ 1.25 released

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BallroomDJ 1.25 released

Post by bll » Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:00 am

BallroomDJ 1.25

Upgrading to version 1.25:

The rules have been updated. To install the new version of the rules go to Configuration->Edit Rules and select the 'Reset' button.

BallroomDJ 1.25 includes the following features and bug fixes:
  • Mouse wheel support was added for the manual playlist, sequences and the playlist management dance list.
    Dances can be configured with low and high BPM values.
    Editor: Displays the BPM range, BPM and adjusted BPM (depending on speed setting).
    Player: Displays the BPM and adjusted BPM (depending on speed setting).
    Music Manager: Displays the adjusted BPM
    The automatic selection of dances has been improved.
    Player: the "played song" history is now cleared on the start of a playlist and for export to manual playlist.
    Player: 'Export to manual playlist' now functions properly.
    The 'Edit Sequences' button has been moved from the configuration menu to the main menu.
    Player: The marquee's current dance can now have its font configured.
    Music manager: fixed display problems when the first search failed.