BallroomDJ 1.28 Released

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BallroomDJ 1.28 Released

Post by bll » Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:05 pm

BallroomDJ 1.28

Version 1.28's focus was on improving the user interface and the user experience.
  • Changed back to use the native file open/save dialogs (when Tk 8.6.3 is released, this will display the current file/open dialogs on windows instead of the XP dialogs).
  • Added configuration of user interface font.
  • Many user interfaces have had rearrangements in order to improve the user interface.
  • Fixed scrollable areas that were getting stuck with too few lines.
  • More marquee configuration options:
    • Added configuration of marquee font.
    • Hide/Show countdown timer.
    • Wide progress bar option.
  • Music Manager:
    • Updated status messages.
    • Disable buttons when no action can be taken.
    • Fixed display when returning to no results.
    • Save window sizing.
    • Add a mouseover box for the same song color tag.
  • Music Player:
    • Made the music queue scrollable.
    • Playlist management interface redesigned.
    • Fixed problems with stop-after-pause and music queue rearrangements.
    • Fixed issues with audio files not being copied for playback.
    • Turned off duplicate checking for manual playlists.
    • Restore marquee to last size.
    • Issues with vlc left running have been resolved.
    • Add a pause flag display in the current song display and the music queue.
  • Music Editor:
    • Redesigned the edit all and edit album interface.
    • Save the window sizing.
    • Added marquee title for song display.
    • Fix issues with special characters in the search.
  • Updated mutagen to version 1.26