BallroomDJ 1.33 Released

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BallroomDJ 1.33 Released

Post by bll » Fri Mar 27, 2015 9:16 am

BallroomDJ 1.33

Support for VLC 2.2.0 was added, and it is highly recommended that VLC be upgraded to 2.2.0.

New features:
  • Added support for VLC 2.2.0. Speed controls will work on windows with VLC 2.2.0.
  • Added synchronization utilities to the file manager to allow synchronization of the BallroomDJ database and audio files across multiple computers. These utilities are also available from the command line so that synchronization can be automated.
  • Added 'Update Modified Files from Tags' to the update database function. The BallroomDJ database will be updated only from the tags in newly modified audio files.
  • Added support for FreeBSD
  • A 'Swap' button is available to swap the current song with the top of the music queue. This is only available after a pause-at-end or when a playlist pauses.
  • Added a 'drop' raffle game.
  • New marquee option to move the dance display to the bottom (below title).
  • Dance lists are now sorted.
  • Genre lists are now sorted.
  • The playlist management window is lowered after a request or edit.
  • Auto organization now uses the same rules as mp3tag in handling special characters.
  • Options: special keys was reorganized. New special key functions have been added.
  • Auto organization: Handles the case when windows files are renamed, and only the case was changed.
  • The start-and-don't-play option will pre-load the first song.
  • The volume level is reset when BallroomDJ exits (not on XP).
  • The volume level is reset after a pause (not on XP). The reset takes place after about one second.
  • Various fixes for music manager searches.
  • The samesong key was not being written to the audio file tags.
  • Fixed edit of music queue (bug introduced in 1.32)
  • Double quote handling in mp3 tags is fixed.
  • Fixes for the song position slider and songs not playing or restarting.
  • Fixed voices for the raffle games when 'tcom' is installed (32-bit).
  • Fixed the race raffle game.
  • Music manager did not always count selected songs correctly.