BallroomDJ 2.18.1 Released

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BallroomDJ 2.18.1 Released

Post by bll » Wed Mar 09, 2016 11:12 am

BallroomDJ 2.18.1

Bug fix release

  • Player: Changed the seek-to-almost-the-end button to start four seconds before the fade instead of three seconds.
Bug Fixes:
  • Player: Fixed the behaviour of the song position slider when the song start was set.
  • Music Editor: The 'mark' button will now add in any pre-existing song start when setting the song start.
  • Player: The code changes for interfacing with the music editor stop-and-play was not cleaning up files properly.
  • Fixed various process intercommunication problems (music editor, music manager, player).
  • Bug: Player window was changing position on exit.
  • Bug: Player: temporary music files were not always being cleaned up on exit.