BallroomDJ 2.19 Released

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BallroomDJ 2.19 Released

Post by bll » Mon Mar 14, 2016 4:58 pm

BallroomDJ 2.19

BallroomDJ 2.19 features a much improved iTunes import. Processing a large iTunes XML file now only takes minutes instead of half an hour. Access to the iTunes import functionality is available in the music manager and music editor in addition to the update database functions. Select which fields get imported from iTunes.

A couple of reminders about the iTunes support.

For BallroomDJ, turn on iTunes support in 'Configuration -> Options : Global'.

You must configure iTunes to "share the iTunes Library XML" .

If BallroomDJ cannot locate the iTunes XML file, nothing will happen.

BallroomDJ needs to be configured so that the music folder is the iTunes Music folder, or the structure of the BallroomDJ music folder must be identical to the structure of the iTunes music folder.

BallroomDJ, by default, has a four level rating system. iTunes has either five or ten levels. Before setting up the iTunes import, set up the BallroomDJ ratings first to your desired settings.

New Features:
  • iTunes Import
    • Rewritten for much faster processing. A large iTunes database will only take a few minutes to process.
    • Setup:
      • Configure the mapping of iTunes ratings to BallroomDJ ratings.
      • Select which fields are imported from iTunes.
    • 'Check for New' and 'Rebuild Database' will automatically run the iTunes import.
    • The database function: 'Update From iTunes' will import the iTunes data into the BallroomDJ database.
    • An 'Update From iTunes' button is available in the music manager to update the database for selected songs.
    • An 'Update From iTunes' button is available in the music editor to load the data from iTunes.
  • Edit Dances/Defaults: A complete redesign. The new design uses less screen real estate and will support future growth better.
  • Edit Sequences: Redesigned with a single screen for easier use.
  • File Manager: Delete will create a backup copy that can be restored during the same session. When the file manager is exited, the backup is deleted. The 'Restore Backup' button was renamed to 'Restore File'.
  • Minor user interface cleanup and sizing fixes.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed theme switching for certain themes.
  • Bug: Fixed click on title in the music queue.
  • Bug: Mac OS X: changing profiles caused an error.