BallroomDJ 2.21 Released

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BallroomDJ 2.21 Released

Post by bll » Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:00 am

BallroomDJ 2.21

The internal database version has been changed to support "Date Added" and to support the auto-organize changes.
Please make a backup, as once the database is upgraded, it cannot be easily used with the older versions.
The new database can be converted back to an older version (in case of mistakes), but it's much easier to make a backup.

Windows backup: copy your entire BallroomDJ folder.

Mac OS X backup: copy your directory and your $HOME/Library/Application Support/BallroomDJ directory.

If you use the "auto organize" functionality, it works differently now. New files will retain their original filename. They will not
be renamed when the "Update Database -> Check for New" function is run, and edits will not rename them. After the
"Update Database -> Reorganize" function is run, the files will be renamed, and any edits thereafter may cause a rename.

New Features:
  • Music Manager: You can now search for multiple words by separating the words with a semicolon (;).
  • Music Manager: There is now a "highlight" entry field to highlight the entries in the listing that match the search term(s) entered. The search terms here can also be separated by semicolons to search for multiple words.
  • Database: A new field, "Date Added" has been added to the database. This can be added as a display column in the music manager and song list editor.
  • Added the Waldorf theme.
  • Raffle Games: Some games start sooner. Some games were sped up. Winning balls are centered.
  • Player, Export for CD: All fade curves supported by SoX are now supported by BallroomDJ. See the built-in help for
    an image comparing the fade curves.
  • Export for CD will use the fade time and curve set in the options. The end of song processing selections have been
    removed from the options and export for CD.
  • Player: The maximum fade time has been raised to 10 seconds.
  • Export/Import for BallroomDJ: Linux and Mac OS X now ask for and process the volume name when exporting or
    importing for BallroomDJ.
  • Music Manager: The "Date" sort has been changed to use "Date Added".
  • Auto Organize: New audio files will no longer be automatically organized until after the "Update Database -> Reorganize" function has been run. After the reorganize has been run, edits to the song will be auto-organized as before.
Bug Fixes:
  • Player: Fixed song position slider action when song start was set.
  • Export/Import for BallroomDJ: Fixed bugs.
  • Update Database: Fixed a crash when the filename was invalid unicode.
  • Player: Fixed the song position slider in when the 'posback' or 'posfwd' media/remote commands were used.