BallroomDJ 2.24 Released

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BallroomDJ 2.24 Released

Post by bll » Tue May 17, 2016 6:26 pm

BallroomDJ 2.24

Various bug fixes and configurable tooltips for the music manager and song list editor.

New Features:
  • Update Database: Can now be stopped during processing.
  • Song List Editor: Added configurable tooltips.
  • Music Manager: Added configurable tooltips.
  • Checkboxes will now scale properly for high resolution displays.
  • Player: competition mode. Switching music queues while paused will now swap out the current song.
  • Player: Changed user interface to use the available space better.
  • Mac OS X: will now use VLC if found in the path
  • Mac OS X: Updated instructions to install VLC using MacPorts.
  • Updated toggle button scaling for high resolution displays.
Bug Fixes:
  • Help, Choose Directory Dialog: Fixed the tree view to adjust to the font size properly.
  • Fixed tooltip display in music queue.
  • Music Manager: Fixed a problem when the combined title display was not in the first column.
  • File Manager: Fixed bugs with deleting and restoring profiles. Backup files can now be deleted properly.
  • Raffle Game: Closing the raffle game before it was ever started would stop playing music.
  • Player: Fixed user interface display.