BalllroomDJ 2.8 Released

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BalllroomDJ 2.8 Released

Post by bll » Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:27 am

BallroomDJ 2.8

New Features:
  • Update database: Added a function to write the song tags to the audio files.
  • Player: Edit and Edit Previous now allow the dance to be changed.
  • Minor user interface cleanup.
  • The configuration file has been split into two pieces so that local configuration options can be saved separately. This improves usability for multiple instances of BallroomDJ, running BallroomDJ from a network drive and running BallroomDJ from an external hard drive or memory stick.
  • Edits by multiple users (when running BallroomDJ from a central location or running multiple instances) are now handled properly.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Song List: Fixed a minor issue when exporting song lists.
  • Song List: Fixed playback order sort when using the 'Select Song List' button.
  • Installation to a network drive has been fixed.
  • History is no longer saved when songs are played from the music manager or editor.