BallroomDJ 2.9 Released

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BallroomDJ 2.9 Released

Post by bll » Thu Aug 20, 2015 12:04 pm

BallroomDJ 2.9.4

New Features:
  • Player: When the player is started from the music manager or music editor, a ⏩ button is displayed with the song position. This button will move almost to the end of the song so that checking song end playback is much easier.
  • Added english (GB) localization.
  • Song lists, sequences and playlists will now create a backup file when saved.
  • The file manager can now restore song list, sequence and playlist backups.
  • Raffle games: The capture game has an additional capture area so it will finish sooner.
  • Minor user interface cleanup.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Song list editor: Bad interactions between removing and adding new songs have been fixed (introduced in 2.9.2).
  • Song list editor: 'Select Song List' with a sort order of 'Playback Order' has been fixed (introduced in 2.9.2).
BallroomDJ 2.9.3

More user interface cleanup.

There still seem to be problems with the song list editor and select a new song when sorted by dance, but I am having trouble re-creating the problem.

New Features:
  • Song List Editor: Added drop-down to select amount of time to display for the histogram.
  • Load and Save dialogs for song list, playlist, sequence and export to song list were replaced with a simpler version that are easier to use and hide the file extensions.
  • All comboboxes will adjust to the correct width.
  • Fixed fontchooser background color.
  • File Manager: Cleaned up the user interface so that no file extensions show.
  • Music Manager: Disable filter button when a manual playlist is loaded with the 'as playlist' selection.
  • Other user interface cleanup.
BallroomDJ 2.9.2

  • Song List Editor: move is much faster and leaves previous and current in good positions.
  • Song List Editor: swap leaves previous and current in good positions.
  • Song List Editor: selecting multiple songs to insert will keep the selection order.
  • Song List Editor: reverted move up/down to original behaviour.
  • Added sort by date
  • Upgraded python mutagen to version 1.30
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed reversed mousewheel on windows and mac.
  • Fixed maximum play time test for export for CD and song list export.
BallroomDJ 2.9.1

New features:
  • Added 'Bump' raffle game.
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed drag-to-move.
  • Fixed a situation in certain raffle games where duplicate numbers would be chosen.
BallroomDJ 2.9

Some important user interface changes.

The drag-to-move interface has been rewritten. Much better now, no more dragging the mouse over and over, (changed from 2.7).

The song list editor now inserts the selections at the selected song, not at the end.

When sorted by dance, the song list editor now moves a song up and down within the sequence, not within the displayed sort order. To get the old functionality, use the new swap button (changed from 2.7). Reverted in 2.9.2

New Features:
  • Added optional quick play menu. A dance or playlist may be selected in the quick play menu. If a dance is selected, five songs are chosen at random and played. In both cases the small display player is used.
  • Added an import from M3U function (in the song list editor). This will create both a song list and a playlist.
  • All scrollable areas now process the page-up, page-down, up-arrow and down-arrow keys.
  • All areas that have a move up and move down function can now use the control-up and control-down keys to move.
  • Song List Editor:
    • On save, a manual playlist file will also be created if none exists. This is an option and can be turned off.
    • Added a swap button.
    • Move up/down move the selection within the sequenced list, not the display (changed from 2.7) Reverted in 2.9.2. Use the swap button to switch songs when sorted by dance.
    • Option: display artist in song list.
    • Option: display duration in song list.
    • Select now adds after the selected song rather than at the end.
  • Player: Added view marquee toggle.
  • Sequence Editor: Added drag-to-move
  • Drag-to-Move: the user interaction for drag-to-move has been completely rewritten (changed from 2.7).
  • A warning message will not be displayed on windows if python is not installed (once only).
  • Various minor user interface cleanup.
Bugs Fixed:
  • The tag handlers will no longer crash if python is not installed.
  • Fixed music queue scrolling.