BallroomDJ 2.11 Released

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BallroomDJ 2.11 Released

Post by bll » Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:34 pm

BallroomDJ 2.11

Make a backup of your BallroomDJ folder before installing version 2.11.

For better support for shared/synchronized folders, version 2.11 makes a change to the database, song list files and raffle song list to use relative pathnames. After installing version 2.11, it will be harder to revert back to version 2.10.3 (but not impossible, a new utility was added to convert a version 6 database to a version 5 database). There were are a lot of changes to support this, so the chances of new bugs is higher than usual.

Version 2.11 starts introducing support for Musicbrainz. To update your database with the musicbrainz recording id's from the audio file tags, do the following:
  • cd Desktop\BallroomDJ
    tclsh utils/upd_mb_tags.tcl
Since this can potentially take a very long time depending on the size of the music collection, I chose not to put it into the upgrade process.

New Features:
  • A new folder selection dialog is now in place.
  • An option to select whether to use the native file/folder selection dialogs has been added.
  • Music Player: Fixed the advance-to-almost-the-end arrow to be a more common unicode character.
  • Raffle games have been modified to scale for larger screens (4K support).
  • Fixed the save dialog button layout.
  • Support for shared/synchronized folders: The database, song lists and raffle song list have been modified to use relative pathnames.
  • Running from external hard drives or USBs: BallroomDJ will automatically detect drive letter path changes and update the paths accordingly.
  • The Musicbrainz recording id (MP3 UFID tag or MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID tag) is now saved in the database. Later versions of BallroomDJ will add more Musicbrainz support.
  • Update drag functionality and speeds.
  • Improved support for .wav files when sox is installed.
  • Added color settings for the music editor's filename background and filename link color.
  • Moved 'allow editing of songs' to the global options tab.
  • Updated mutagen to version 1.31 (windows).
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed an interaction between the music editor and song list editor when 'select song list' was used.
  • Music Editor: Fixed a problem when auto organize was on and advance on save was off.
  • Fixed locale selection.
  • Music Editor: Fixed problems with using the audio file adjustment buttons.
  • Fixed configuration load for second instances.
  • Music Editor: The dance will no longer be overwritten by update from song tags when there is no dance.
  • Fixed copy from CD (request external) on windows.