BallroomDJ 2.12 Released

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BallroomDJ 2.12 Released

Post by bll » Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:37 pm

BallroomDJ 2.12.9

Bug Fixes:
  • Various file locations were changed for use with shared/synchronized folders.
  • Removed problem code when the folder changed location.
BallroomDJ 2.12.8

  • Song List Editor: competion mode flag for the music manager is now ignored.
Bug Fixes:
  • Music Manager: fix competition mode changes when allow edit is off.
  • Music Editor: fixed a problem editing songs (introduced in 2.12.6).
BallroomDJ 2.12.7

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed music manager 'as playlist' with manual playlists and no status.
  • Player: Wait a short amount of time before doing the seek to song start.
  • Music editor: fixed a user interface problem.
BallroomDJ 2.12.6

New Features:
  • Music Manager: Added a competion mode view when using the music manager to play music for a competition.
  • Music Manager: Added a 'mark selected' option to display a mark by songs that have already been selected.
  • Music Manager: Manual playlists can now be selected in the 'as playlist' mode.
  • Player: Added a 'move to top' button.
  • Auto Organize: Check for new will no longer rename files.
  • Music Editor: Track number is now editable.
Bug Fixes:
  • Music Manager: The display delay after editing many files is now fixed.
BallroomDJ 2.12.5

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug rebuilding the database from the command line (windows)
  • Fixed a problem with music folder paths with a trailing slash.
  • Music Manager: edit left the songs selected and could not do a reselect.
  • Music Manager: mark as same song could not do a reselect.
BallroomDJ 2.12.4

  • Album artist is now a standard field. Sort selections have been updated with album artist.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Song List Editor: cleaned up status messages
  • Player: Export Song List will now update the drop-down list of playlists.
  • Player: Fixed a bug with the load button and an empty queue.
  • Improved multiple instance registration on exit/restart.
  • Player: fixed playlist queue name display on clear and remove.
BallroomDJ 2.12.3

Bugs Fixed:
  • Song List Editor: display issues cleaned up.
  • Fixed issues with album artist.
BallroomDJ 2.12.2

Bugs Fixed:
  • Song List Editor: Fixed a display problem when only the duration column was turned on.
BallroomDJ 2.12.1

Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed the 'allow editing of songs' option to only apply to the local machine.
  • Fixed import of M3U files.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to read tags from an unsupported audio file type.
BallroomDJ 2.12

As always, you should make a backup of the BallroomDJ folder before installing a new version. Simply copy the entire folder to another place/name on your hard drive.

New Features:
  • A new utility to merge BallroomDJ databases has been added. E-mail me or post on the forum for instructions (I will put instructions up on the wiki eventually).
  • Added album artist as an organization path selection.
  • Music Editor: Added an option to display the album artist.
  • Multiple instances of BallroomDJ are now supported.
  • Added a load button for the playlist queue.
  • Music Manager Font Size has been renamed to 'Listing Font Size' and now applies to the music manager, song list and sequence lists.
  • Music Manager: Options to display the dance, keyword and file modification date have been added.
  • Audio Tags for .flac and .ogg/vorbis files have been renamed to match general usage (orchestra -> albumartist, disc -> discnumber, maxtrack -> tracktotal).
  • Cleaned up the playlist queue user interface.
Bug Fixes:
  • The python executable locator (windows) has been improved and handles python packages from anaconda and others.
  • Fixed arrow key handling in scrollable areas when the focus was in a combobox.
  • Fixed bugs with the choose directory dialog.
  • Song List Editor: Fixed the play button (bug introduced in 2.11).
  • Localization fixes.