BallroomDJ 2.17 Released

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BallroomDJ 2.17 Released

Post by bll » Fri Feb 26, 2016 11:49 am

BallroomDJ 2.17

There have been extensive internal changes, so the chances of new bugs are high.
As always, make a backup. There have been no database changes, so it is easy to downgrade back to version 2.16.4.

Windows backup: copy your entire BallroomDJ folder.

Mac OS X backup: copy your directory and your $HOME/Library/Application Support/BallroomDJ directory.

New Features
  • Music Editor: When playing a song, a new 'mark' button is displayed that will select the song start and song end while the music is playing. The song end will be adjusted properly if the song start is set.
  • Song List Editor:
    • Right click will set the current selection without changing the previous selection.
    • Shuffle: randomizes the order of a selection of songs. Note that this does not use any playback rules and is entirely random.
    • Spread: spreads a selection of songs out within the song list.
  • New raffle games: Virus, Growth.
  • Profiles:
    • Renamed from 'Configuration'
    • The 'Select Profile' menu is always visible.
    • A new profile can be created from the 'Select Profile' menu.
    • Profiles can be deleted in the file manager.
  • Quickplay: if an automatic playlist named 'quickplay' is created, it will be used for quickplay - dance playback.
  • New themes added: arc, blueelegance. Linux/FreeBSD default has been changed to 'arc'.
  • Removed raffle games: Drop, Gauntlet.
  • Added and improved checks for leftover player daemon and music player locks on startup.
  • File Manager: Added a color for the current selection.
  • Move Up/Down buttons have been enhanced so that they will repeat when held down.
  • Various minor user interface updates.
  • Music Editor: Advance on save is off by default.
  • Improved function of automatic and sequenced playlists when there is a limited number of songs available.
  • Many internal changes due to code cleanup.
  • Moved some of the command line utilities into the bin/ folder.
  • Up and Down arrow keys will now work in the song list editor, sequence editor, playlist queue and music queue.
  • Removed click-and-drag. This code never worked well.
  • Options: merged 'User Interface Colors' and 'Other User Interface Colors'. Merged 'Marquee Colors' and 'Marquee Button Colors'. The marquee color section is now scrollable.
  • Organization path processing has been improved.
  • Automatic tests have been reorganized and rewritten. Still not complete, however.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a display bug for scrolling regions.
  • Improved startup so default empty windows will not display.
  • Fixed windows installation cleanup step.
  • Localization: a few en-gb fixes.
  • Song List Editor: Fixed missing status display.
  • Song List Editor: help did not open up the proper section.
  • Song List Editor: The code to handle colors on Mac OS X did not work well on windows. This has been rewritten. (Seen when using many display columns).
  • Bug: Dialogs failed when there was no selection.
  • Bug: Sequences could not be resumed properly.
  • Bug: Played songs were incorrectly filtered when using multiple playlists.
  • Bug: The TAGS tag was not being written to MP3 files.
  • Bug: Album artist was not handled properly when reading the organization path.
  • Bug: Music Queue was not always completely filled.
  • Bug: Music Editor: status message was incorrect after a find.
  • Bug: Music Editor: will no longer get stuck in a loop during a save all operation.
  • Bug: File Manager: Fixed some issues with filename extensions.
  • Bug: History view: Fixed problems with the scrolling region.
  • Bug: The reversion of Windows XP volume changes has been fixed.