BallroomDJ 3.2.2 Released

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BallroomDJ 3.2.2 Released

Post by bll » Wed Oct 05, 2016 7:49 am

BallroomDJ 3.2.2

As always, before installing a new version, make a backup.
Copy your entire BallroomDJ folder to another location.
On Mac OS X, copy your entire $HOME/Library/Application Support/BallroomDJ folder and
your $HOME/Desktop/ folder to another location.

The BPM user interface can now be set to display as BPM (beats per minute) or MPM (measures per minute). Please be aware that many websites and other resources abbreviate bars per minute as BPM. BallroomDJ will always use BPM as beats and MPM for measures (bars). The dances now include a time signature setting for use with the BPM counter in conjunction with the MPM setting.

BPM/MPM is a display setting only, and will not change the BPM values set for the dances, nor will it change the BPM settings
saved in the database. It is up to you to set the BPM/MPM in a consistent manner.

Automatic dance selection has been completely rewritten and works better now. As part of this change, the dances 'family' entry has been changed to 'tags'. If you have never changed any of the dances, go into Configuration -> Edit Dances and select the 'Reset All' button. If you have changed the dances, you can update the 'tags' entry manually if you need to. 'tags' is only used for automatic dance selection.

BallroomDJ 3.2.2

Bug Fixes:
  • Dances: Fixed data conversion for non-standard dances. Added 4/8 time signature for tangos.
  • Status: Fixed 'add new' when no data.
  • Validation: Space trimming was causing data entry problems.
BallroomDJ 3.2.1

Bug Fixes:
  • Dances: Fixed data conversion when announcements are present.
BallroomDJ 3.2

  • Status: 'New' and 'Complete' are no longer hard-coded and the status list can be changed as desired.
  • Music Manager: In competition mode, selecting a new dance will automatically start the filter process.
  • Raffle: Added 'simple' raffle game.
  • BPM:
    • BPM Counter Added MPM (measures per minute) selections that can be used instead of beats.
    • Dances: Added time signature for use by the BPM counter.
    • User Interface: Configurable as Off, BPM or MPM.
  • Automatic Playlists:
    • Rewrote automatic dance selection to use a better algorithm.
    • Queue Rules: removed.
    • Dances: Changed 'family' to 'tags'.
      It is recommended that the dances be reviewed and updated.
      If the dances have not been changed from the defaults, select the 'Reset All' button.
    • Playlist Management: Changed 'weight' to 'count'.
    • Fixed bugs causing the same song to be selected.
Bug Fixes:
  • Locale: Fixed locale settings so that the collated sort will use the system locale when the program is set to english.
  • Music Manager: Fixed sort using the disc number before it was supposed to, resulting in incorrect sorts.