BallroomDJ 3.3.7 Released

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BallroomDJ 3.3.7 Released

Post by bll » Thu Nov 03, 2016 11:11 am

BallroomDJ 3.3.7

Bug fix release.

  • Player: Added an indicator to display the play/pause/stop state of the player.
Bug Fixes:
  • Player: Fixed volume initialization (introduced in 3.3.1) and volume transfer between BallroomDJ instances.
  • Player: Swap button now works when repeat is on.
  • Player: Various bugs with pause at end, pause each song and repeat fixed.
  • Player: Dual queues: queue selection swap now works when repeat is on.
  • Player: Fixed dual queue display bug.
  • Configuration: Fixed fade time so it could be set to zero.
  • Music Manager/Song Editor/Song List Editor: Column/Field Selections: Fixed errors with scrolling and positioning of mouse cursor.
  • Fixed creation of profile when starting a new BallroomDJ instance without an associated profile.
  • Mac OS X: Fixed box color in BPM counter and font scale.
Internal: Player logic rewrite.