BallroomDJ 3.5.2 Released (development)

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BallroomDJ 3.5.2 Released (development)

Post by bll » Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:44 pm

BallroomDJ 3.5.2 (2015-12-29)

Includes stable changes through version 3.4.2

Bug Fixes:
  • Player: reset the computer's original volume properly if the the last song had a volume adjustment.
  • Player: register the last volume without the volume adjustment.
  • Player: force fade-out to hit zero for volume adjusted songs.
  • Linux: Fix a pulse audio interface crash.
  • Linux: Fix icon.
  • Windows Install: Replaced startup shortcuts with an executable, allowing the folder to be moved to a different location.
BallroomDJ 3.5.1

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed song position problems with fade in.
  • Quickplay: keyboard shortcuts will now work in the drop-down.
BallroomDJ 3.5.0

Volume programs on Windows and Linux are now embedded. Much faster and uses fewer resources.

  • UI Colors: field background color is available for non-graphical themes.
  • Configuration: Player: Added selection of audio output device. If the selected audio output device does not exist, the default will be used (Windows Vista and later, Linux).
  • Windows XP: Added volume program.
  • Windows, Linux: The volume program is now embedded. Volume transitions will be much faster and smoother.
  • Player: Added fade-in.
    • This will not work well on slower computers.
    • The fade in time should be set to 0 on slower computers.
    • Works well with the new embedded volume programs.
  • Editor/Music Manager: Apply Adjustments: now applies the fade-in time also.
  • Added an optional analog clock.
  • Added an optional New Years countdown clock.
  • Windows Installer: Updated
Bug Fixes:
  • Music Manager: Fixed re-open of music manager when allow edit is turned off.
  • Fix crash on display of duplicate transient window.
  • Image cleanup.