BallroomDJ 3.7.3 Released (stable)

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BallroomDJ 3.7.3 Released (stable)

Post by bll » Thu Mar 02, 2017 1:07 pm

BallroomDJ 3.7.3

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed .wma file processing.
  • Fixed track and disc number processing for .wma and .m4a files.
  • Windows XP: Fixed failure to find integrated volume control.
BallroomDJ 3.7.2

  • Player: if an integrated volume control is in use, check the computer's volume during playback for changes.
  • Mac OS X: The volume program is now integrated.
Bug Fixes:
  • Linux: Additional validation checks for MPRIS startup.
  • Player: Set a wrap length for the title when the player is embedded.
  • Player: Prevent a crash when edit data is received.
BallroomDJ 3.7.1

BallroomDJ 3.7.1 is the stable release of version 3.7.0.

Summary of major changes from version 3.4.5:
  • Selection of the audio output device is now possible. Allows a second instance of BallroomDJ to use a different output device.
    Also useful on Linux where audio device switching is not as good as on Windows.
    Not available on Mac OS X at this time.
  • Volume programs are now integrated (Mac OS X will be available with version 3.7.2).
  • A fade-in time may be set for playback. (Mac OS X users should wait for version 3.7.2 to use this).
  • Integrated VLC player. Tighter integration allows better feedback from VLC and better control. Sub-second "song start" and "song end" times are now possible.
  • Levels: levels default to easy, normal, advanced, but are fully configurable. The level can be used in automatic and sequenced playlists, song search, etc.
  • Quickplay: "select & play" was made easier to use.
  • Linux: Support MPRIS enabled audio players.
Switching to the integrated VLC player:
Use of the integrated VLC player is highly recommended.
To use the integrated VLC player, go to: Configuration / Options / Player and selected "Integrated VLC" in the "Player" drop-down.
If you have a 64-bit Windows installation, the 64-bit VLC must be installed. Likewise, if you have a 32-bit Windows installation, the 32-bit VLC must be installed. If there is a mismatch, the integrated VLC player will not work.
When making a change from 32-bit to 64-bit VLC, I recommend completely uninstalling the old VLC version before installing the new VLC version.
Windows 32-bit VLC version 2.2.4: ... -win32.exe
Windows 64-bit VLC version 2.2.4: ... -win64.exe
Linux users will need to install the 'libvlc5' package.

To turn on levels in the song editor:
  • start the music manager
  • select a song
  • select 'Edit' to start the song editor.
  • select the 'Options -> Field Selection' menu item.
  • select the 'Level' selection (and move it to where you want it).
  • select 'Save'.
  • exit BallroomDJ and restart.
Levels should be configured in Configuration / Edit Levels first.
New installations of BallroomDJ will already have levels turned on.

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