Pause for announcements

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Pause for announcements

Post by vbds » Mon Jul 14, 2014 2:43 pm

I'm a big fan of dancing and DJing at the same time.
I can do this because ballroomDJ looks after so much of the DJing for me!!

This is another suggestion that helps achieve that end goal:

Pause for announcements
I specifically want to set up the pause of the play queue within my playlist, and ballroomDJ will pause the queue even when I'm out dancing.
This would be very useful for all kinds demos, announcements, dancer introductions,etc...

ballroomDJ currently has three ways to pause the queue, but they don't work for me, let me explain:
On the player - a Pause button- can't hit this while I'm dancing?
On the player - a Pause at end button- better-but still I can't hit this while I'm dancing?
In the playlist manager, there is a Stop . . . . "Pause"- great, BUT - you must enter a "TIME" - I don't know this beforehand???
Our announcement song is under 1 minute so even using a stop in 0:01 (=1 minute) does not work.
I could add more silence to the end of this "song" to extent it beyond 1 minute, and then I think the using a stop in 0:01 would work!

What I think would work is one of these:

a option:
In the Playlist manage "Stop After Playing # Songs" could have a "Pause" option somehow? or a new "Pause After Playing # Songs" option

a option:
On the player, right side:
A: below "move up", "remove","Move Down" and "Request" a new button called "Pause at end". This new button would pause the selected song at end.
B: another button just after the Dance name- this new button it could be turned "red" just like the other pause buttons for any number of songs on the list??

a option:
In the playlist manager allow number of songs in the Stop . . . . "Pause".
This would allow a playlist to be programed with a built-in pause based on the number of songs, no matter what the time.
I like this option better?

Here's how I would use this:
We have a generic announcement for announcement of our club news. It tells everyone that the announcement is to be made and asks everyone to please take there seats. It is a generic that we can use for all type of announcements. After this "song"=announcement, we would like to have the queue paused automatically.
Currently the DJ simply "Runs" over to the player to manually pause the queue once they hear the announcement, but in a lot of cases, this has been problematic?
(JD was in wash room??)

Again I nice to have.

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Re: Pause for announcements

Post by bll » Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:41 pm

A pause/continue flag has been implemented for 'stop after' in version 1.22

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