Export as m3u

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Export as m3u

Post by vbds » Mon Jul 14, 2014 4:58 pm

On the manual playlist screen could you add a new export option?

Export as m3u

m3U is a simple text file used by many music players to start playing a list of music files.
The m3u format is simply a list of the full paths of the songs.

With this option, and some music players like MediaMonkey, the m3u file can be loaded into MediaMonkey. Once it is in MediaMonkey as a playlist, you have the option to burn the playlist to audio or mp3 CD's.
This would be VERY HANDY for those times that you cannot/do not want to take your computer to the "dance". You would only need to take 1 or more audio cds, or better yet if where your going they support mp3s cds, you can take 1 mp3 cd that has many, many songs & hours of music!!!

So you get the best of both worlds, ballroomDJ automatically/sequenced your music and you then can burn a cd to take with you.

You loss many of the features of having your computer with you at the dance, but still it may be worthwhile.

I would also personally like this as a BACKUP for the dance just in case the computer fails (what?? oh no not the computer) , you can resort to the previously burned CD and a simply CD player. You can also make a couple of these CDs and have them ready for those unexpected computer fails!

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Re: Export as m3u

Post by bll » Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:40 pm

This is implemented in release 1.22

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