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Can not change dance

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 12:18 pm
by vbds
Can not save the change of dance from Foxtrot songs to FoxTrot?

I changed the dance from "Foxtrot" to "FoxTrot" in:
Edited dances/defaults = OK
Edited genres = ok
Edited Sequences = ok
edit all "Foxtrot" songs in Music manager - changed to "FoxTrot" & "Save"
exit - exit all the way out of ballroomDJ

Directly played a foxtrot song in VLC, and did a information on it: It shows the changed information: Genre="FoxTrot" and the Metadata=DANCERATING=Good|DANCE=FoxTrot|STATUS=New|DURATION=152.66

ran ballromDJ, music manager and filtered dance ="FoxTrot" it returned "0 songs selected"
filtered = "Any" and the foxtrot songs are still listed as dance = "Foxtrot"

Tried to edit all foxtrot songs, they show up as dance="Foxtrot"
Changed to "FoxTrot" and saved. using "Previuos" & "Next" confirmed that it shows as "FoxTrot".
Exited Music Editor.
The music manager unchecked the foxtrot songs but still shows them as dance = "Foxtrot"
filtered dance ="FoxTrot" it returned "0 songs selected"

Round Two: change these songs to "Tango", exit ballroomDJ, confirmed they are now "Tango" genre-confirmed with VLC.
In ballroomDJ I then change them from "Tango" to "FoxTrot" saved & exited and confirmed with VLC
ran ballromDJ again, and songs show up as "Foxtrot" NOT "FoxTrot"??????

Can not change the dance from "Foxtrot" to "FoxTrot"??

>>Thinking about this --it could be a windows problem?
In windows you CAN NOT have a "Foxtrot" folder and a "FoxTrot" folder
My windows folder is shown as "FoxTrot"
And in ballroomDJ i used Organization path format = {DANCE\}{TITLE}
Auto Organize = "Yes"
>>>Might be a clue to the problem??<<<<<

Re: Can not change dance

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 6:01 pm
by bll
Oh, sorry, I think my change in 1.21 has messed you up.
I decided that the 'FoxTrot' spelling was weird and changed it to 'Foxtrot'.
To support prior versions of BallroomDJ, the program automatically changes FoxTrot to Foxtrot.
This is only for the dance, not genre.

So now my program is fighting you.
Stay with plain old 'Foxtrot', and you should be good.

Re: Can not change dance

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2014 8:42 am
by vbds
OK, changed Organization - Dance,Genre,Sequences from FoxTrot to Foxtrot.
Re-saved all Foxtrot songs in music manager.

Everything works now.

Thanks for the explanation on this.