BallroomDJ 3.12.0 Released (development)

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BallroomDJ 3.12.0 Released (development)

Post by bll » Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:52 am

The VLC changelog lists some quality enhancements in their bug fixes.
Upgrading VLC to the latest version (2.2.6 on Windows) is recommended.

The latest version of VLC for Mac OS X seems to be stable, so the requirement to install VLC 2.1.5 for Mac OS X is no longer in force, and VLC can be upgraded to

BallroomDJ 3.12.0 (development)

New Features:
  • Web interface with simple controls that can be accessed from a small form-factor computing device. Not all display issues have been resolved.
  • Linux: Fixed pulseaudio changes.
  • Minor file rearrangement.
BallroomDJ 3.11.1

Bug Fixes:
  • Mac OS X: Fixed marquee so it does not reappear.
  • Windows: fix integrated vlc path setup for 32-bit windows.
  • Integrated VLC: Fixed an obscure bug.
  • Use VLC's API to get and set the audio output sink when no other method is available. This allows Mac OS X to select the audio output device.
  • Upgraded mutagen to version 1.38.
  • Linux: Rewrite pulseaudio interface.
  • Fix some typos.