BallroomDJ 3.13.2 Released (stable)

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BallroomDJ 3.13.2 Released (stable)

Post by bll » Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:44 pm

BallroomDJ 3.13.2

The VLC changelog lists some quality enhancements in their bug fixes.
Upgrading VLC to the latest version (2.2.6 on Windows) is recommended.

The latest version of VLC for Mac OS X seems to be stable, so the requirement to install VLC 2.1.5 for Mac OS X is no longer in force, and VLC can be upgraded to or 2.2.6.

I have included the change notes from the prior releases after 3.10.5 for your convenience.

  • Dual Queues: Interface improved and enhanced. Easier to use now.
  • Playlists: Added a per dance maximum play time.
  • Web interface with simple controls that can be accessed from a small form-factor computing device (Mobile Phone, Tablet, etc.). This is fairly minimal right now until I get feedback on what people want.
  • Many bug fixes.
New Features:
  • Playlist Management: Added a per dance maximum play time.
  • Edit Dances: Removed per dance maximum play time.
  • Options/Player: Added ability to specify other options to pass to the VLC player.
  • Options/Player: Added optional startup and shutdown scripts.
Bug Fixes:
  • Black: changed menu checkmark color to dark orange.
  • Player: Playlist Queue: fix drop-down list selection.
  • Linux: fix an installer script issue.
BallroomDJ 3.13.1

  • Automatic Playlists/Mix: Adjusted the auto selection numbers.
  • bdjcli.tcl: Moved into the bin/ sub-folder.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix validation to display error tooltip on the entry field rather than the label.
  • File Manager: Fix issues with specifying wrong folder path. Fix error checks.
  • Mac OS X: Fix incorrect volume logic for tclvlc check.
  • Help: fixed external url display.
  • Clean up the virtual scrolling package (version 2.4).
  • Fix a couple of wait-for-display spots.
  • Clean up validation events.
BallroomDJ 3.13.0 (development)

New Features:
  • Edit Dances: Added a per dance maximum play time.
  • Linux: xfce4: Add support for presentation-mode in startup script.
Bug Fixes:
  • Player: Fixed the marquee countdown timer so that it picked up a font change without a restart of BallroomDJ.
  • Player: Reduced embedded player title wrap length.
  • Player: Fixed an initialization problem with the embedded player when a ui font was set.
  • Fix close tab image.
  • Linux: Fix install for new files.
  • Edit Dances: Fixed issues when no dances.
  • Automatic Playlists: Fixed so that new dances are not added to existing automatic playlists.
  • Web Server: update web page.
BallroomDJ 3.12.0 (development)

New Features:
  • Web interface with simple controls that can be accessed from a small form-factor computing device. Not all display issues have been resolved.
  • Linux: Fixed pulseaudio changes.
  • Minor file rearrangement.
BallroomDJ 3.11.1

Bug Fixes:
  • Mac OS X: Fixed marquee so it does not reappear.
  • Windows: fix integrated vlc path setup for 32-bit windows.
  • Integrated VLC: Fixed an obscure bug.
  • Use VLC's API to get and set the audio output sink when no other method is available. This allows Mac OS X to select the audio output device.
  • Upgraded mutagen to version 1.38.
  • Linux: Rewrite pulseaudio interface.
  • Fix some typos.
BallroomDJ 3.11.0
Bug Fixes:
  • User Interface: Fixed some initial focus issues.
  • Linux: Added an alternate location for libvlc.
  • Player: Added option to configure the tooltip display.
  • Player: Dual Queues:
    • Easier to use.
    • Plays from queue selection.
    • Active queue indicator for buttons.
    • Move to Queue: more flexible.
    • Optional marks for played songs (both queues), songs in the queue (second queue only) and songs in manual playlists (second queue only).
    • Player: Made playlist queues easier to use.
    • Player: playlist queue: add now adds at the selection.
    • Support: add option to not send files; cleanup.
    • Linux: add support for xfce4 power management to startup scripts.
    • Minor file rearrangement.
    • Merged in all 3.10.5 changes.