Automatic Update

(Updated 2016-12; BallroomDJ version 3.4.0)

Configuration / Options / Automatic Update

Enable Automatic Updates: When off, no automatic update processing will be done.

No Updates After this Time: After the specified time, the automatic update process will automatically be paused.

No Updates Before this Time: Before the specified time, the automatic update process will be paused.

Number of Backups to Keep: The number of backups of older versions to keep. Each backup includes both the complete BallromDJ installation and a copy of your data files. Be aware that each backup copy may use up a sizable amount of disk space depending on how large your BallroomDJ database is.

Install New Version: The Install button will activate if a new version has been downloaded and the backup of your current version and data files is complete.

Restore BallroomDJ: The Restore button will open a new dialog and allow you to select an older version that has been backed up and restore it.

See also: Subject: Automatic Update

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