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(Updated 2016-8; BallroomDJ version 3.1.9)

Queue Rules are used for automatic dance selection in automatic playlists.


The queue rules are used in automatic dance selection. They are only used in automatic playlists. The queue distance refers to the dances prior to the new dance to be selected. An example of music played and queued and the corresponding distances:


The values in the queue rules table are subtracted from a base value of 20. So in this example, distance 1,2,3 have dances Foxtrot, Rumba and Tango all with a rule value of 20. Each of these dances would be very unlikely to be played next.

The type is smooth, rhythm or club. Any smooth dance to be selected would have the rule value 7 subtracted from the base chance of 20 due to the Foxtrot. A rhythm dance to be selected would have a value of 1 subtracted due to the Rumba at distance 2.

Speed and family work in a similar fashion.

The default queue rules tend to be overly aggressive. If you use automatic playlists, you may want to reduce the values.

Select the Reset button to reset the values to the default values.

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