(Updated 2016-8; BallroomDJ version 3.1.9)

Database of Audio Files: BallroomDJ has a database of audio files. This is a complete selection of all your music that can be played. The database stores the information about your songs -- title, artist, song start, dance, dance rating etc. It is important to keep backups of the BallroomDJ folder so that you do not lose the information about your songs.
Subject: Adding New Songs to BallroomDJ

Playlist: A playlist is a selection of songs from the BallroomDJ database that will be played. In BallroomDJ, the playlist may be an automatic, sequenced or manual playlist and includes other playlist controls.

In most other music players, a playlist corresponds to a BallroomDJ manual playlist (including the associated song list) with no playlist controls. Other music players may have control over the playback, but generally not on a per-playlist basis.
Playlist: Playlist Controls

Manual Playlist: A manual playlist plays an exact sequence of songs using a selected song list. This is the usual mode that many people like to use as it allows complete control over which song plays and in what order the songs play.
Playlist: Manual Playlists
Subject: Manual Playlists

Song List: A song list is an exact sequence of songs. When a song list is created, a manual playlist that uses the song list is automatically created.

More than one playlist can use the same song list. One common reason is to have a manual playlist that starts from the beginning of the song list and another manual playlist that resumes from the last stop point.
Main Menu: Edit Song Lists

Sequenced Playlist: A sequenced playlist uses a list of selected dances to determine which dance to play next. A song is selected from the database that has the chosen dance assigned to it.
Playlist: Sequenced Playlists
Subject: Sequenced Playlist
Main Menu: Edit Sequences

Automatic Playlist: An automatic playlist uses a set of rules to determine which dance to play, then chooses a song that has that dance assigned to it.
Playlist: Automatic Playlists
Subject: Automatic Playlist

Automatic and sequenced playlists will not work well unless the songs are given a rating (e.g. great/good/poor).
Subject: Dance Ratings
Configuration: Edit Ratings

Automatic playlists can be used to create a song list, saving some work in initially choosing the songs. The song list can then be adjusted to move, replace and add songs.
Subject: Creating a Song List from Other Playlists

Playlist Queue: Multiple playlists may be queued for playback. Each playlist will be played until it reaches a stop point or is stopped manually. Then the next queued playlist will be played.
Playlist: Playlist Queue
Subject: Stopping a Playlist

Music Queue: The current playlist controls which songs are chosen to play. These songs are added to the music queue. The music queue defaults to a queue of five songs, but may be adjusted to display more songs.
Player: Music Queue

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