SoX is an audio toolkit that does fades, trimming, speed changes, normalization, etc.

SoX doesn't handle unicode, so filenames need to be renamed, and the audio file tags need to be carefully preserved.

SoX repository
It doesn't appear that a lot of development is going on with SoX any more.
mansr SoX repository
More development appears to be going on here.

There is a possibility that SoX+libsndfile+portaudio could be used in combination to create our own sound player. Is SoX fast enough? Especially with adjusting the tempo? I don't know if it will be possible to adjust the tempo on the fly with this setup.

The other question is will SoX get development attention? But I can't seem to find another audio toolkit that has the same functionality.

libsndfile will hopefully get mp3 support in 2018.

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