(Updated 2017-3; BallroomDJ version 3.8.1)

Announcements are optional.

Announcements are optional audio files played back before a song is started. Announcements are configured on a per-dance basis. Announcements can be used for all dances or for particular dances.

Announcements are not played automatically; they must be configured to play in the playlist, and turned on when making a request.

User Interface Changes

User interface changes if any announcements are configured:

1) playlist management will have an additional toggle switch to enable announcements for a playlist.

2) When making requests, an additional checkbox Play Announcement is displayed.

Using Announcements

To add an announcement, first add the announcement audio files to the BallroomDJ database as usual using the update database function with Check For New selected.

In the Edit Dances window, select or enter the announcement to be played for the dance. Note that only the name of the audio file is displayed, not the full path.

Edit Dances

Playlist Management

To have the announcements play before the song, start Playlist Management from the main menu, load your playlist, and at the bottom of the window, enable the Play Announcement option.


When making a request, announcements are not automatically played. To have the announcement play when a request is played, choose the requested song, select the Play Announcement checkbox, then select the Select button.

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