Command Line Utilities

(Updated 2017-7; BallroomDJ version 3.13.4)

Remote Control

The bin\bdjcli.tcl script is used to send remote control commands to BallroomDJ. This script has an advantage over using the Special Keys in that the cursor does not need to be in the BallroomDJ window when the command is sent.

The commands that can be sent with bin\bdjcli.tcl are documented in the doc\remote.txt file.

For BallroomDJ version 3.x on a 64-bit Windows machine, use %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\BallroomDJ\windows\64\tclsh.exe.

Create Backup

The bin\fmbackup.tcl script is used to create a backup of the startup and data folders.

tclsh bin\fmbackup.tcl -- <backup-folder>

The startup and data folders will be copied to backup-folder.

Restore Backup

The bin\fmrestore.tcl script is used to restore a backup of the startup and data folders.

tclsh bin\fmrestore.tcl -- <backup-folder> <target-folder> <music-folder>

The startup and data folders will be copied from the backup-folder to the target-folder. The database, song lists and game songs lists will be updated with the music-folder.

Update Database

The bin\bdjmkmlist.tcl script is used to update the BallroomDJ database. It can be used to check for new files, update from tags, rebuild and reorganize.

tclsh bin\bdjmkmlist.tcl -- {-checknew|{-logging|-rebuild} [-clean]|-reorg|-updmodtime|-update} [-v] [-showsummary] <music-folder-path>

music-folder-path must be the fully qualified pathname to the music folder. Make sure it is identical to the music folder path configured in BallroomDJ.

  • -checknew

Checks for new files and adds them to the database.

  • -rebuild [-clean]
  • -logging [-clean]

Does a complete rebuild of the database. All old information in the database is lost, except for synchronization IDs. If the -clean option is specified, the synchronization IDs are not kept. With the -logging option, a logfile of the rebuild is created.

  • -update
  • -updmodtime

Updates the database using the tags from the audio files. If -updmodtime is used, only audio files that have been modified since the last update-by-modification-time check are read.

  • -reorg

If auto organize is on, a reorganize of the database will be run to make sure all audio files are named according to the organization path.

  • -v

A single -v option displays a total counter and progression counters. This option is used internally. Specifying two -v options will display some information on the files being processed.

  • -showsummary

The -showsummary option will display a summary of the actions taken by bdjmkmlist.tcl.

Update Audio File Tags From the BallroomDJ Database

tclsh bin\updatetags.tcl

If the Write Tags option is not None, the audio file tags will be updated with the information in the BallroomDJ database.

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