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(Updated 2016-12; BallroomDJ version 3.4.0)

Write Song Tags is used to tell BallroomDJ whether to write the audio tags to the audio file. BallroomDJ supports writing tags to FLAC, MP3 and OGG-vorbis audio files.

When BallroomDJ writes the audio file tags for MP3 files, they are converted to version ID3v2.4 tags. "Windows Explorer and Windows Media Player cannot handle ID3v2.4 tags in any version, up to and including Windows 8 / Windows Media Player 12." If you use Windows Media Player or other audio program that cannot process ID3v2.4 tags, leave this setting on Don't Write.

Don't Write is the safest. No modifications are made to the audio files. If another method of managing the audio file tags is already in use, it is best to leave this as Don't Write.

BDJ Tags Only only writes BDJ specific tags to the audio files. This setting will not change existing tags in the audio file.

All Tags will write all audio tags out to the audio file.

When the Write Song Tags selection is set to BDJ Tags Only or All Tags, an additional selection, Write Tags to Files will be added to the update database

Database Loads Dance From Genre indicates to BallroomDJ that the Genre audio file tag has the dance in it. When the file is first processed, the dance will be set to the value of the Genre tag.

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Confiuration / Options / Audio Files

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