Configuration / Options / User Interface Colors

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.4)

Theme can be selected to change the overall look and feel of the user interface. For the 'vista', 'xpnative' and 'winnative' themes and some of the graphical themes, some color configuration options will not work.

After changing the theme or the background color, you must exit and restart BallroomDJ. Even though some color changes may get set, the program must be restarted to set all colors properly.

The colors for the various user interface items can be changed by selecting the color box. A color picker dialog will be displayed.

Similarly, the Other UI Colors and Marquee Colors tabs can be used other user interface and marquee colors.

The Reset Colors button will reset the user interface or marquee colors to the default settings. The background color will not be changed.

To reset the background color to the default, select a new theme, exit and restart BallroomDJ, then select the original theme and exit and restart BallroomDJ again.

Configuration / Options / User Interface Colors

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