Edit Dances

(Updated 2016-11; BallroomDJ version 3.3.7)

Edit Dances

The Edit Dances screen has different functions.

(a) Adding the dance to the list of dances.

(b) Setting the announcement audio file for the dance.

(c) Settings for automatic playlists: type, speed, tags and count.

(d) Set as default is used for automatic playlists and the sequence editor.

(e) Low BPM, High BPM and Time Signature are used for BPM/MPM display and the BPM counter.

To add a new dance, select the Add New button and enter the new dance name, select the type and speed and enter any tags. The tags field may be a list of multiple tags (e.g. swing club).

Enter the count (the default for the number of times the dance will play), and if you want the dance selected by default for automatic playlists, select the Set as Default checkbox.

To change a dance, select the dance and make your changes.

To delete a dance, select the dance, then select the Delete button.

To configure an announcement, select the browse button and select an audio file from your collection. Announcements will only play if the Play Announcement selection in the playlist management screen is turned on.

The Reset All button will reset all of the dances to their default settings.

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Dance names cannot be changed. To change a dance name, take the following steps:

  • Add the dance with the new name. Save the changes.
  • In the music manager:
    • Select the old dance name.
    • Select the filter button.
    • Select the select all checkbox at the top of the screen so that all entries are selected.
    • Select the edit button.
  • In the song editor:
    • Select the edit all button.
    • Select the new dance name.
    • Select the save all button.
  • Exit the song editor and music manager.
  • Go back to Edit Dances configuration screen.
  • Delete the old dance name.
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