Configuration / Options / Global

(Updated 2018-3; BallroomDJ version 3.19.6)

Configuration / Options / Global

Locale The locale is normally set the same as the system locale. The locale setting will override the system's locale setting. Choose a supported language and select Save. After saving, exit BallroomDJ and restart the program.

Profile Name This sets the name for the current selected profile. Multiple profiles may be set up, and this name will display in the window's title bar.

Synchronization This setting is used for the synchronization process and sets the BallroomDJ computer as a master or as one of the satellite computers.

Startup Files Play Automatically When off, startup files will load, but not start playing.

Allow Editing of Songs When using a synchronized folder such as google drive, the computers where no editing is done should set this selection off.

Enable iTunes Support BallroomDJ has the capability to import data from iTunes. The Setup button will start the configuration of the iTunes import ratings and field selections. See iTunes Import.

Running from a Memory Stick When running BallroomDJ from a memory stick, this option enables optimizations to help speed up various operations.

Computer Speed Some slower computers will need to have this setting changed to a lower setting. Currently the computer speed setting affects how the player fade works.

AcoustID Client ID An alternate AcoustID Client ID may be entered here (for future use).

Audio Identification Type Exact Only will run a MusicBrainz recording ID match and an AcoustID fingerprint match. Any will run an additional four checks against the MusicBrainz database. Any may produce results that are not very accurate.

Send Telemetry This option will be removed in a future release.

Enable Debugging and Debug Level are used in certain cases when reporting problems with BallroomDJ.

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