Configuration / Options / Marquee

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.4)

Configuration / Options / Marquee

Marquee Font Changes the font used for the marquee display. The size of the marquee font is set in the player.

Dance Font Changes the font used for the current dance in the marquee.

Dance Font Size Multiplier Changes the size of the current dance display based on the marquee font size. A setting of 1.0 is the same size. A setting of 2.0 would double the size.

Clock Font Size Changes the size of the marquee's clock display.

Paused Message is the message that is displayed when the music is paused.

Completion Message is the message that is displayed when all playlists are finished.

Queue Length sets how many upcoming dances are displayed in the marquee queue.

Dance Display sets the position of where the dance is displayed relative to the title and artist.

Show Clock The clock display can be turned off (None) or set to a 12 Hour or 24 Hour display.

Show Countdown Timer When on, displays the countdown timer to the right of the current dance.

Show Progress Bar The progress bar displays a progress bar underneath the countdown timer (Normal). It can be turned off (None), or set to Wide to display across the entire marquee.

Progress Bar Color The progress bar has a limited selection of colors available. This selection is not available for some user interface themes and will be disabled if color selection is not possible.

Show Artist When on, also displays the artist.

Show Title When on, displays the title.

Show Buttons When on, the fade, pause and pause at end buttons are displayed in the marquee. This is useful for studios that display the marquee on a large touch screen instead of a projection.

Fullscreen When on, the marquee will be resized to fit the screen. Double clicking in the marquee window will toggle between fullscreen mode and the normal size.

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