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(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.4)

Player This item selects which music player to use. At this time, only VLC is supported.

Audio Output Select the audio output device. If the device is not connected, BallroomDJ will use the default output device. BallroomDJ will not switch automatically if the device is plugged in after BallroomDJ is started.

Player Options Set any options to be passed to the music player (advanced configurations).

Startup Script Enter the path to a startup script to be run before the music player is started (advanced configurations).

Shutdown Script Enter the path to a shutdown script to be run after the music player is shut down (advanced configuration).

Default Volume Configures the volume setting when the BallroomDJ player first starts.

Fade In Time Sets the fade in time in seconds. Set to 0.0 to turn off.

Fade Out Time Sets the fade out time in seconds. The fade is used when the fade button is selected, the maximum play time is reached or the song end is set. Set to 0.0 to turn off.

Fade Type Selects the type of fade. Selections are: Triangle, Quarter Sine Wave, Half Sine Wave, Logarithmic and Inverted Parabola. Test how the fade type sounds with different fade time settings and choose the fade type based on what you like.

Gap Between Songs Sets how much silence is in between songs. The gap can also be set in a playlist and changed in the BallroomDJ player.

Subject: Gap Between Songs
Playlist: Set the Gap Between Songs for a Playlist

Maximum Play Time Sets the maximum time a song will be played. The song will start fading before the maximum play time is reached.
Subject: Maximum Play Time
Playlist: Set the Maximum Play Time for a Playlist

Queue 1 Length and Queue 2 Length set the length of the music queues displayed in the BallroomDJ player. Queue 2 Length is only used when dual queues are enabled.

Queue 1 Name and Queue 2 Name are used as the queue titles when the display is set to use dual queues.

Configuration / Options / Player

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