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(Updated 2017-6; BallroomDJ version 3.10.5)


Ratings are used to rate the songs. The rating can then be used to filter playlists and in the search in the music manager. In addition, ratings have a weight assigned, and this weight is used in song selection for automatic and sequenced playlists.

As shipped, BallroomDJ has a four tier rating system. The ratings text can be changed to whatever you want and to as many tiers as you want.

When editing ratings, order is very important. The worst rating must appear at the top, and the best at the bottom.

Select the Add New button to add a new line and enter the rating name. Selecting a checkbox next to an entry and then selecting the Add New button will add a new line before the selected entry.

Select the checkbox next to the entry to be deleted and select the Delete button to delete a rating.

Select the Reset button to reset the ratings to the defaults.

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