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Configuration / Options / User Interface

(Updated 2016-11; BallroomDJ version 3.3.7)


User Interface Font Changes the font and font size used throughout the user interface. The default is the system's font and the default size is 11 points. After selecting the Select Font button, a dialog to choose the font will display. Choose the font and size and select OK.

Fixed Width Font Changes the font used for fixed width fonts throughout the user interface.

Checkbox Font Size Changes the font size used for checkbox text in the BallroomDJ user interface. This is generally a little smaller than the default font size.

Listing Font Size Changes the font size used in the music manager display, song list display and sequence display. As the displays have a lot of information on the screen, a smaller font size can help keep the display a reasonable size.

Native File Dialogs In some cases, BallroomDJ will use its own dialogs to select files and choose folders. This selection can be changed to All so that all dialogs use the system dialog or Choose Folder so that the choose folder dialogs use the system dialog. On Mac OS X, this setting defaults to Choose Folder so that the localized folder names will be displayed.

Start Maximized BallroomDJ will normally start as a maximized window. If you want BallroomDJ to start up as a non-maximized window, turn this selection off.

Enable Album Display Enables album display options and editing for audio files. This is only useful if you organize your audio files based on this information.

Enable Classical Music Enables some classical music options. I use this for my music collection.

Enable BPM Display Enables BPM range display in the player. The player will have additional menu items and display items when this option is turned on. It may be set to BPM (beats per minute) or MPM (measures per minute).

Enable Status Tracking Enables the Edit Status configuration menu item, the status field in the music manager and status selection for playlists. The music manager and player will have additional fields displayed when this option is on.

Enable Image Display When turned on, image display will be started when the BallroomDJ player is started.
Optional: Display Images During Playback

Enable Quick Play Enables the Quick Play selection in the main menu.

Show Quick Play At Start When on, the Quick Play tab will be displayed upon startup of BallroomDJ.