Web Server

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.4)

Configuration / Options / Web Server

The web server enables a simple web page that can be used on your mobile device to control the BallroomDJ music player.

Enable Web Server Enables and disables the web server.

HTML Template Selects the web page template to use. As of 2017-10, the available templates provide the same functionality and look very similar.

Web User ID The user ID to use when signing on to the web server.

Web Password The password to use when signing on to the web server.

Web Port Number The port number to use to connect to the web server.

Connection Information Use the displayed information (not the display from this wiki page) to connect to the web server. Both the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are displayed. If your computer has multiple interfaces active, more connection information may be displayed. Choose the connection corresponding to your currently active interface.

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