Image Display

(Updated 2016-11; BallroomDJ version 3.3.15)

Image Display is an optional component.

Image display displays images and/or videos in a window as the songs are played. This option can be used if a projector or large television is used to display the marquee.

Images can be assigned to a general category, or assigned to a category based on dance type (smooth, rhythm, club). When a song is played, a image is selected from the appropriate dance type category or the general category and displayed. Assigning images to a dance type category is optional.

A song can also be assigned a particular image to display. If a song has a particular image configured, that image will display when the song is played.

Images are not resized by BallroomDJ; the images need to be sized appropriately beforehand.

Turning Image Display On

Select the Configuration / Options / User Interface options tab. Turn on Enable Image Display.

User Interface Changes

1) In Configuration / Options / Folders, an additional folder setting, Image Folder is available.

2) An additional button, Image Assignment is added to the Configuration menu.

3) An Image field is available in the song editor.

Using Image Display

In Configuration / Options / Folders, select the Image Folder where the images and videos are located. Any images found here will automatically be added to the general category.

Configuration / Options / Folders

Configuration / Image Assignment

Using the Configuration / Image Assignment button, images and videos can be assigned to the smooth, rhythm or club categories. If a song in the smooth category is played, a random image from one of the smooth or general categories is displayed.

Song Editor

A song can also be assigned a particular image to display when it is played. Using the song editor, select the image to display and save the song.

If the image display needs to be turned off for a session, simply close the image display window.

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