iTunes Import - Setup

(Updated 2017-7; BallroomDJ version 3.13.4)

iTunes Import is used to import iTunes data into BallroomDJ

Configuration / Options / Global

iTunes import is used to import data from the iTunes database in to the BallroomDJ database.

When iTunes support is enabled, the database functions, Check for New and Rebuild Database will automatically run the iTunes import function to update the BallroomDJ database with data from the iTunes database. An additional database function, Update From iTunes can be used to update the entire BallroomDJ database.

The music manager can be used to update a selection of songs.

The song editor can be used to import data from iTunes for a single song without immediately changing the database.

In iTunes, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced, and select the Share iTunes Library XML with Other Applications checkbox.

To use iTunes Import, first turn on Enable iTunes Support in Configuration / Options / Global.

Important: It is easiest to make iTunes import work if the BallroomDJ music folder is set to the iTunes music folder. If the BallroomDJ music folder is separate from the iTunes music folder, the structure of the folders and audio files must be identical.

iTunes Import - Setup

To set up iTunes, go to Configuration / Options / Global and select the Setup button next to the Enable iTunes Support item.

The first thing you may notice is that iTunes' ratings do not match BallroomDJ's ratings. iTunes has either a five level or a ten level rating system. BallroomDJ defaults to a four level rating system.

To change BallroomDJ's ratings, go to Configuration / Edit Ratings. A five level rating system or a ten level rating system can be configured in BallroomDJ. See Edit Ratings

Setting up the iTunes ratings.

For each of the iTunes ratings (only the ratings found in the iTunes database will be displayed), select the corresponding rating in BallroomDJ.

On the right side of the setup screen, select which fields to import from the iTunes database. The field selections will affect all iTunes import operations.

If you have the dance stored in the 'Genre' field in iTunes, enable the Database Loads Dance From Genre' setting in Configuration / Audio Files.

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