Overview: Configuration Menu

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.4)


Font Scale Sets the font scaling.
Setup: Set the Font Scale

Options Has all of the BallroomDJ options. Customize the user interface, player and marquee here.
Overview: Options
Configuration: Folders
Configuration: Audio Files
Configuration: User Interface
Configuration: Marquee
Configuration: Player
Configuration: Web Server
Configuration: Song Server
Configuration: Global
Configuration: Special Keys
Configuration: Colors

Organization Changes the way audio file pathnames are interpreted by the Update Database function. If Auto Organize is on, it also defines how audio files are renamed.
Setup: Organization
Overview: Organization

Edit Dances Changes what dances are configured, what type/family/speed the dances are, the BPM range for the dance and dance announcements.
Configuration: Edit Dances

Edit Genres Changes the list of genres used in organizing the audio files.
Configuration: Edit Genres

Edit Ratings Changes the ratings that are used to rate songs.
Configuration: Edit Ratings

Edit Levels Changes the list of levels (e.g. Easy, Normal, Advanced) that can be assigned to songs.
Configuration: Edit Levels

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