Overview: Main Menu

(Updated 2017-7; BallroomDJ version 3.13.2)


Access to the top level menu is possible when all tabs are closed.

The Select Profile menu enables creation of new profiles and selection of which BallroomDJ profile to use.
Subject: Profiles

About lists contact and license information. The current version and the most recent version of BallroomDJ are displayed here.

Update starts a dialog to update BallroomDJ.

Support allows you to send a message to the BallroomDJ support team. This function requires an internet connection.

Help has extensive help for BallroomDJ. The help screen can be accessed from every function in BallroomDJ.

Player starts the music player and playlist queue.
Overview: BallroomDJ Player
Music Player
Configuration: Marquee

Music Manager manages and edits your music collection. Use it to assign dances, set dance ratings, edit song data and edit song playback controls.
Overview: Music Manager
Music Manager

Raffle Games has some simple raffle games.
Subject: Raffle Games

Edit Song Lists is used to create a song list -- an exact selection of songs.
Main Menu: Edit Song Lists
Playlists: Manual Playlists
Subject: Manual Playlists

Edit Sequences is used to create a sequence of dances.
Main Menu: Edit Sequence
Playlists: Sequenced Playlists
Subject: Sequenced Playlists

Update Database is used to add new audio files to the BallroomDJ database.
Setup: Building the Database for the First Time
Overview: Update Database
Configuration: Update Database
Subject: Adding New Songs to BallroomDJ

Playlist Management is used to create and modify manual, automatic and sequenced playlists.
Playlist Management
Subject: Automatic Playlists
Subject: Sequenced Playlists
Subject: Manual Playlist
Subject: Stopping a Playlist
Subject: Creating a Song List from Other Playlists

Configuration is the configuration menu.

File Manager is a smart file manager. Rename and delete files. Create and restore backups. Synchronize the BallroomDJ database between multiple computers.
Subject: File Manager

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