Overview: Options

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.4)


Folders configures the folders where the audio files and located and where to put the temporary files.
Configuration: Folders

Audio Files configures whether audio file tags are updated and whether the dance can be loaded from the Genre tag.
Configuration: Audio Files

User Interface changes the font, font sizes and turns on and off various BallroomDJ optional features that modify the user interface.
Configuration: User Interface

Marquee configures what appears on the marquee.
Configuration: Marquee

Player configures the player's basic settings.
Configuration: Player

Global changes some options that affect how BallroomDJ works.
Configuration: Global

Web Server configures the built-in web server interface.
Configuration: Web Server

Song Server configures the client/server mode of BallroomDJ.
Configuration: Song Server

Special Keys configures multi-media and remote control keys to work with BallroomDJ.
Configuration: Special Keys

User Interface Colors and Marquee Colors change the colors for the user interface and the marquee. The overall theme can also be changed in the User Interface Colors selection.
Configuration: Colors

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