Player Controls

(Updated 2017-3; BallroomDJ version 3.8.1)


The Quick Save button displays a menu that allows you to change and save the rating, save the volume adjustment, or save the speed adjustment for the song.
Subject: Quick Save

The Fade button will fade the current playing song and start the next song in the music queue.

The Play/Pause button plays and pauses the music.

The Pause at End button is a toggle switch. When on, the player will pause when the song is finished.

The Pause Each Song button is a toggle switch. When on, the player will pause at the end of each song.

The Next button will skip to the next song in the music queue. This button is available when the music is paused.

The Repeat button is a toggle switch. When on, the current song will restart when finished.

The Gap Between Songs displays the current gap setting. This gap setting can be changed here to adjust the gap. The gap set here will be applied to the current playlist. When a new playlist starts, the gap will be reset.

See also:
Playlist: Set the Gap Between Songs for a Playlist
Subject: Gap Between Songs

The Volume slide control adjusts the volume. BallroomDJ also checks to see if the master computer volume was changed outside of BallroomDJ before starting the next song and will adjust the volume display appropriately. [Checking the master computer volume does not work on Windows XP].

The Song Position slide control allows selection of the song position forwards or backwards in the song. If the speed control is slower than 100%, the song position slide control is disabled (as this combination does not function well).

The Speed slide control [will not appear for VLC versions 2.1.0-2.1.5] adjusts the speed of the song playback. Select the 100% button to return to playback at normal speed.

Marquee Controls

Entering a message into the entry field and selecting the Display Message button will display the message on the marquee. The Clear button will clear the marquee message.

The Marquee Size controls the marquee font size. This is useful when changing venues with different marquee display characteristics.

The marquee controls can be hidden using the options menu.

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