(Updated 2018-1; BallroomDJ version 3.18.2)

Selecting History and then View in the player menu will display the history of played songs. The start of each session will display the date and time the session was started.

The history can be set (in Configuration / Options / Global) to roll over each session (each time the player is started) or once per day. The Reset menu selection in the History menu can also be used to reset the history.

A song in the history can be edited by selecting the song, then selecting the Edit button.

Songs in the history can be added to the music queue by selecting the song, then selecting either the Requeue or Requeue as External button. Requeue as External queues the song as if a Request External was done, and all the song information can be edited before the song is added to the music queue.

Creating a song list from the history

A song list can be created from the history. You may want to do this to preserve changes to the music queue, preserve added requests or to preserve a sequenced or automatic playlist as a song list.

First in the history view, scroll back and select the starting song where the song list will begin.

Then select Actions -> Create Song List from the history menu. You will be prompted to save the song list.


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