Player Menus

(Updated 2017-7; BallroomDJ version 3.13.2)

Player Menu




The Options: Marquee Controls menu selection hides the marquee control section of the player tab.

Options: Dual Queues turns on the dual queue mode. The player will be reconfigured to have two music queues and the playlist queue will have two playlist queues.
(See Also: Player: Dual Queues)

Options: Dual Queue Marks turns on marks in the music queue indicating whether a song has been played (both queues), a song is in the first queue (marked in the second queue only), or if a song is in the first queue's playlist (manual playlists only, marked in the second queue only).

The Options: Marquee menu selection hides the marquee window.

If selected, Options: Hide Marquee on Start the marquee will be hidden when the player is first started.

Options: Music Queue on Left determines whether the player displays the music queue on the left or right of the player tab.

Options: Tooltip Columns configures the tooltip columns displayed on mouseover in the music queue.

The History: View menu selection displays a history of previously played songs. Several sessions of prior history are kept.

The History: Reset menu selection will start a new history file.

The Edit menu allows you to edit the currently playing song, the previously played song or the current selection.

The Restart menu allows you to restart the player where it left off after an accidental exit.

Playlist Queue Menu

Playlist Queue

Playlist Queue

The Options menu items have the same functions as listed above.

Export: Create Song List creates a song list using the playlist queue.

(See also: Subject: Creating a Song List from Other Playlists)

Export: Create Startup File creates a quick start file using the playlist queue.

(See also: Subject: Startup Files)

Export: Export for CD creates audio files using the playlist queue with the speed adjustment, volume adjustment, song start, song end and maximum play time applied. These audio files can then be burned to a CD or DVD.

(See also: Subject: Exporting Audio Files to Burn to a CD)

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