The Music Queue

(Updated 2016-11; BallroomDJ version 3.3.7)


The Swap button is used to swap the currently loaded song with the song at the top of the music queue. This function can only be used after a pause at end, or a pause initiated by a playlist stop condition. You must select the song at the top of the music queue first.

The music queue in the player can be rearranged at any time. Select the song to work with, and use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the song's position. Use the Remove button to remove the song from the music queue.

Move to Top will move the selected song to the top of music queue.

The Toggle Pause button will toggle the pause flag for the selected song. Note that a pause flag set by a stop in or stop at playlist condition cannot be changed with this function.

The Clear & Remove button will clear the music queue from the selected song to the end of the music queue and remove the current playlist. The music queue will be filled up from any other queued playlists.

The Request button will display the music manager, and songs can be selected to add to the music queue.

(See also: Music Player: Adding a Requested Song)

The Request External button allows selection of audio files that are not managed by BallroomDJ, for example, an audio file on a USB memory stick or an audio file from a CD. When the external request is made, the song editor is displayed for the selected audio file. Select the dance, change the title and other song information and playback controls and select the Save & Select button to copy the external audio file. Select Exit to cancel the external audio file request.

(See also: Music Player: Adding a Request from an External Source)

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