Adding a Requested Song

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

Start the BallroomDJ player by selecting Player in the main menu. Select the Request button in the player tab. The request tab will open.

Select the filter settings in order to find the song that is wanted and select the Filter button. Songs that have been played already, are in the music queue, or, if using a manual playlist, will be played, will be marked with a color box. Select one or more songs to play.

If the maximum play time is set, the requested songs will inherit the current maximum play time. If the requested song is longer than the maximum play time and you want to play the entire song, select the No Maximum Play Time checkbox.

Select the Select button to add the selected songs to the music queue.

The request tab will stay open so that further requests can be made later.

The selected songs are now added to the player's music queue. Requests will always be added to the bottom of the music queue. The music queue controls can be used to rearrange the song selections. If the player is not playing any songs, simply select the Play button to start playing the requested songs.

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