(Updated 2016-8; BallroomDJ version 3.1.9)

Playlist Queue
Playlist Management
Manual Playlists
Sequenced Playlists
Automatic Playlists

Playlist Controls

Stopping a playlist after a period of time
Stopping a playlist after it plays a number of songs
Set the Gap Between Songs for a playlist
Set the Maximum Play Time for a playlist
Set the Marquee Message for a playlist
Set the playlist to pause after each song

Advanced Playlist Management and Use

Multiple playlists can be queued in BallroomDJ. When one playlist finishes, the next will be started. Using multiple playlists adds flexibility to the music mix. Be sure that the earlier playlists have a stop condition: stop after playing a certain number of songs, stop after a period of time, or a song list with a limited number of songs.

Example 1: Flexibility with Multiple Playlists
Example 2: Adding a Mixer to a Manual Playlist
Example 3: Adding a Mixer the Easy Way

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