Example 1: Flexibility with Multiple Playlists

(Updated 2016-8; BallroomDJ version 3.1.9)

Applicable to all uses of BallroomDJ

Playlist Management Window

Example #1: Flexibility. Imagine that you have three manual playlists with 60 songs each. Furthermore these lists have been tuned to so that list A has more fast dances, list B is a even mix and list C has slower dances (Fast-A, Even-B, Slower-C). These three playlists can be used for three DJ sessions.

Now split each playlist into three pieces each with each piece containing 20 songs. Now there are nine manual playlists of 20 songs each. These nine playlists (label them Fast-A1, Fast-A2, Fast-A3, Even-B1, Even-B2, Even-B3, Slow-C1, Slow-C2, Slow-C3) can be combined in various different orders.

Now an evening's session can be started with a fast mix, Fast-A1, a more even mix for the second hour, Even-B2 and then a slow mix for the third hour, Slow-C2.

These nine playlists can be mixed in any order to provide the music for an evening's DJ session. And since the playlist queue can be modified at any time, the queued playlists can be changed to a different mix depending on the audience.

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