Example 2: Adding a Mixer to a Manual Playlist

(Updated 2017-10; BallroomDJ version 3.15.5)

Applicable to all uses of BallroomDJ

Playlist Management

Playlist Management

Example #2: Playing a mixer. Select Playlist Management from the main menu, and load the playlist you want to work on.

In the playlist management tab, Change Stop after playing to stop after 30 songs and save your playlist (for this example, this playlist will be named 'first half').

Playlist Management

In the Edit menu, select the Create Copy menu selection. Save the playlist as 'second half'. Change Stop after playing to 0 and change the second drop-down selection in the Manual tab to Resume From Last.

Now create the mixer playlist. In the Edit menu, select Start New Playlist and enter waltz mixer as the playlist name. Select the Automatic tab. Turn off all dances except for Waltz. Since only Waltz is selected, the count for Waltz does not matter.

Set Stop after playing to 3. Set Gap Between Songs to 0.0 so that the mixer plays continuously. Set the Maximum Play Time to 9:00 so that the complete song will play.

Playlist Management

Playlist Management

Playlist Queue

Start the player, and in the playlist queue tab add first-half, waltz mixer and second-half to the playlist queue.

Compared to Adding a Mixer the Easy Way:


  • The gap between songs can be changed for the mixer.
  • The maximum playtime can be changed for the mixer.
  • More flexible: different mixers can be set up and used.


  • Harder to use and understand.

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