Adding a Mixer the Easy Way

(Updated 2016-9; BallroomDJ version 3.1.15)

Applicable to manual, automatic and sequenced playlists

Example 3: Playing a Mixer. The easiest way to include a mixer is to insert the songs into the middle of your playlist, either ahead of time (with manual playlists) or as a request while playing.

If you are using a manual playlist, you can add the mixer songs to your song list at about the halfway point.
See: Edit Song Lists

Or, for any type of playlist, use the Request function to add the mixer songs to the music queue. Using the Move To Top, Move Up and Move Down buttons, move the mixer songs to the correct place in your music queue.

If you need to delay playing the mixer, simply move the song below the mixer above the mixer songs.

To play the mixer earler, move the song above the mixer to below the mixer songs.

Compared to Adding a Mixer to a Manual Playlist:


  • Easier to use and understand.


  • The gap between songs cannot be changed automatically.
  • The maximum playtime cannot be changed for the mixer songs.
  • Less flexibile: To change the mixer, the song list must be edited.

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